Welcome to the first and only YAKINIKU- restaurant in Germany.
We have original Japanese smokeless roaster for the unique DIY barbecue.
If you like meat, you will love it more than any Steakhouse.

Japanese restaurant Germany

Unique Japanese Barbecue – just in Stuttgart

The YAKINIKU crew would like our restaurant to leave a lasting impression.
It is very important to us that our customers experience our attractive and adventurous food and atmosphere.

 We have combined the values and traditions of Japanese cuisine
with the ideas of new to provide the finest quality and taste.

We don’t offer sushi, sashimi or teppanyaki but best meat like Wagyu (Kobe-Beef), spanish iberian pork,
US-Beef, french poultry, fresh swordfish, seafood and interesting food for vegetarians.

Our roaster develops in extremely high temperatures above the grill –
meaning our slices of meat only need to cook for a few moments on the BBQ.
Nutrients aren’t lost and every bite is a culinary experience!

To enhance your culinary experience we have installed ventilation
that will remove any dust or smells before entering the room.

We always try to have our restaurant the most enjoyable atmosphere for our customers and our staff.
We would like everyone to make themselves home in our restaurant.

 We look forward to having you as our guests!

Izumi Jonientz, founder